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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 18:04:57 -0200
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THANKS!!  to every one for the answers.

I agree totally that maybe will be better to not have a cheap and bad one if
you cannot buy a good one.

I not haD idea how much costs a good W. Station, now I know and will need a
little more about it.

Thanks again!!...


2009/10/16 chas <>

> WO0W wrote:
> > I have no experience with the La Crosse weather instruments.  I used
> > Peet Brothers instruments for several years, but each of two anemometers
> > failed after only a couple years.  I replaced them with a Davis weather
> > station.  It has functioned without failure and the software stores data
> > conveniently.
> >  73, WOØW
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> Great topic!!
> Interesting about the weather station and the legal limit QRO.  I run some
> of
> my ladderline (feed to my Cobra Sr) within 10' of my station and it has
> never
> effected it. Perhaps that is enough distance to attenuate the effect on the
> wireless connection between my station on the tower and the readout here on
> my bench.  The DSL modem is about 8" from the SB220 and will be rebooted
> regularly but it never effects the Davis monitor.
> I fully agree with the accuracy comments.  I also have had a Vantage Pro 2
> for about 3 yrs now.  I have replaced the reed switch twice (measures
> rainfall), and buy batteries by the box full.  Does anyone get more than 4
> months from a battery on the station (lives behind the solar panel) ?
> My last change out was 5/31 and I am now being told that I have a "low
> battery on station 1" .  sigh.  so, time to get back up the tower as this
> battery will not last much longer.  these are Lithium CR123As and the brand
> seems to have little to do with their longevity.   I am considering hooking
> up a 3V wall wart and feeding the station which is about 25' up the tower
> and
> see how that would work.
> I am getting too old to be getting out a ladder to get on the roof, then
> pulling the side mast down which supports the station and the anemometer.
> oh, to the original question... I have had all teh cheap little stations,
> etc.  you REALLY get what you pay  for.  The LaCrosse and some of the
> Oregons
> are trash.  Davis has an inexpensive (compared to my $800 Pro2) station
> that
> sells for about $400.  You might want to go look at that one which is what
> you will eventually end up buying after wasting money buying the trash and
> replacing it every year or less for 3 or 4 yrs until the light goes on and
> realization comes that "I could have had a Davis for what I have paid....".
> Thanks for allowing the subject.  very Emcomm-ish <G>.
> 73
> chas / k5dam
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