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Re: [TowerTalk] Stacking SteppIR and 6M7JHV

To: "Michael M. Raskin" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Stacking SteppIR and 6M7JHV
From: Mike <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 20:10:19 -0400
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Mike -
I'm putting a 6M7JHV over my 4L SteppIR. I asked M2 for separation 
advice, and the told me 6' was OK, but 8 would be better. Drop them a 
line and see what they say. I'm putting up the 6M7 because I'm not 
satisfied at all with the SteppIR performance on 6, with the passive 
elements (6 elements for me).

That spacing necessitated a new mast, which called for a new tower top 
section with thrust bearing, etc, etc, etc....

GL & 73
Mike NF4L

Michael M. Raskin wrote:
> Guys - I need some advice on stacking on a 15' mast.  I will have 
> approximately 13" of usable mast and want to have a 3-element SteppIR with 
> the 40/30 adder (16' boom) at the bottom of the mast, but I also want to use 
> the M2 6M7JHV (30' 8" boom) above it.  The SteppIR will not interfere with 
> the 6M7 as I can make transparent by retracting the element.  If possible, I 
> would also like to use a M2 2M9 (14' 6" boom) 2M beam as well.  Should I put 
> the 6M beam on top and the 2M beam between the 6M beam and the SteppIR, or 
> should I put the 2M beam on top?  The one antenna that I don't want to 
> degrade the performance of is the 6M beam.  I can live with the SteppIR and 
> 6M7 and ditch the 2M beam, if the three are too close for comfort.  I know 
> the SteppIR can do 6M and is a good performer with the extra passive 
> element, but it will never perform as well as the 6M7.  So my real question 
> is:  do I go with only the 6M7  about 10' above the SteppIR (need 3' above 
> 6M7 for truss) or can I slip a 2M beam on the mast as well without degrading 
> 6M performance?  And, if so, where is best to place the 2M beam?  I think I 
> already know the answer that I'll get:  use only the 6M and SteppIR, but I 
> just want to be sure.
> Mike, W4UM 
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