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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Station Noise
From: jimlux <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 21:44:32 -0700
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> Jim wrote...
>> "...and shall 
>> accept interference" rule.
> That's always bothered me, because it's so ambiguous.  Does it mean "accept 
> interference of any level and keep on functioning as designed" or "recover 
> and 
> function immediately after the interference goes away", or????

It's actually not that ambiguous.  Accept, here, means you have no 
recourse, no matter what happens.  You're Part 15, you take whatever 
anything else dishes out. If it burns you out, tough. If you stop 
working, tough.

> Anyhow, my neighbor's garage door opener always opened and closed when I was 
> on 
> 10m CW.  We fixed it, and now I guess it "accepts interference" although I 
> guess if it 
> doesn't hear me any more, then I'm not "interference."  VAGUE!!

Not exactly.. what Part 15 means is that your neighbor has to live with 
random opening and closing when you're transmitting, no matter how much 
a pain it is, even if it causes his house to burn down from overloading 
the motor. It's just tough for him because he could have made a more 
robust system.  Basically, part 15 says "you don't need a license, but 
in exchange, you can't complain about anyone else, and you can't cause 
problems for anyone else"

If someone was using a Part 15 device, say a 802.11 WLAN, for running 
the cashregisters in their store, and your transmitter wipes out their 
network, temporarily or permanently, the store owner has no recourse. 
They can't come and say "you interrupted our network, and we're going to 
sue you for loss of income"  (which statement has so many legal 
problems, it's not worth worrying about)

Of course, there's the practical detail when the mafia gang boss next 
door complains about your RF interfering with his wireless modem. 
Pointing to the Part 15 sticker on the bottom of the access point 
doesn't do you much good.

There probably is a prohibition against "malicious interference" with 
someone, whether you're interfering with a Part 15 device or not.


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