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Re: [TowerTalk] Please remove my address from the list

To: Dan Zimmerman N3OX <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Please remove my address from the list
From: Jack Brindle <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 09:31:10 -0700
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Why not just go to the list archives where you have nice tools to  
separate the threads?

The other suggestion for those receiving too much email is to change  
your setting to receive the digest.

Individuals can handle their own account maintenance. When you  
subscribed you received an email pointing you at your setup page. I  
seem to remember that a reminder is sent out for this list every  
month. Use the info in there to go to the web page and set your  
preferences or unsubscribe if that is what you really want. If you  
don't have the information email, a good place to start looking is at  
the bottom of each list email...

There are a lot of tools to make email lists a lot easier to work  
with. Learning to use them is lots of fun, and life is much easier  
after you do!

Jack Brindle, W6FB

On Oct 23, 2009, at 8:11 AM, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote:

>> You also can't have too many if you use a modern email system.  If  
>> you
>> get a free Google account (, you get 7+ GB of storage  
>> space,
>> and the interface is very easy to use to filter or archive massive
>> numbers of emails.
> Yep.
> Not one of these emails hits my inbox.
> They all get labeled and archived ... so when I want to read  
> TowerTalk, I
> click on the little "TowerTalk" label link in Gmail.
> I've got an automatically filtered label for every email list or  
> newsletter
> I subscribe to.
> That way I can just forget about it if I don't want to read a post.
> 73
> Dan
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