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Subject: [TowerTalk] Single point ground question
From: "Jerry" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 13:47:52 -0400
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Hi I am new here and I am searching for a answer to your topic.


I belong to The High Def Forum,


Recently we have been having a one sided discussion about how to ground a
television aerial and the coax wire coming from the antenna.


The forum expert insists that you should connect your ground to the ground
stake for the main entrance for the electricity coming into the house.


My thought is not to connect the ground to the main ground, due to the fact
that the lightning can back feed into the whole electrical system of the
home and cause major damage to all the electrical devices in the home.  The
logic being that you want to keep the lightning as far as possible away from
the electric in the home and also the logic that you do not want to do
anything to encourage the lightning to come into the home.


The forum moderator is a guy by the name of IDRick and he seems to think
that the most logical choice is to have the antenna as close to the power
lines as possible and have the ground as short as possible, and hopefully
the lightning will take the shortest route to ground.


My opinion, and 35 + years of experience tells me - not to mess around with
lightning and to not be so cheap as to try to save a couple of dollars on a
ground stake and clamp.


Basically, they had one forum member so scared that lightning was going to
strike his home, that he decided not to install the antenna outside and to
place it in the attic.   Definitely not a good thing to do in a fringe area
with low power UHF and VHF signals for television.


Maybe one or two of the forum members here could come on the High Def Forum
and help me out here.


Thanks,   Jerry


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