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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:14:37 -0400
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Back in the mid 1960's I acquired a low band GE FM rig used on the Forest 
Industries frequencies above 29.7.  All I had to do was change the crystal
and it was on the air (60 watts as I recall).

I had a Hy-gain 18V vertical and I cut that to 29.6 and mounted that on the 
mast above my tri-band beam.  Guess I used the tri-bander as the radial 
screen.  SWR was less than 1.2 on the old Heath SWR meter.  Talked all over 
the USA on FM.  I remember the fellows from Wausau, WI and we always 
compared notes after field day.  There was a LU5 that came thru on a regular 
basis and the loudest station on was a fellow in W6 with a great bass voice 
named Babe.  I did have to take it down
when I put up the quad. (Used the quad on 29.6 even with a 2.5 to 1 SWR).

I liked that so much that when I bought an 2 meter Isopole I put that on the 
mast just above the 40 meter cushcraft.  On 147.5 simplex with 70 watts I 
could talk to stations on the other side of metro Atlanta (as much as 75 
miles away).  I lost the top section (1/2 wave) piece of the Isopole to 
but AA6DX sent me a complete Isopole replacement.  The tip of the Isopole is 
103 feet.  No special ground or anything.

My experience with mounting verticals on top of a beam has been good.  Ole 
Gus Browning W4BPD mounted 14AVQ's on top of a light weight push up mast on 
his Indian Ocean operations and always had a decnt signal on 20 and 15.

73 Dave K4JRB 


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