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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex LM470 Limit Switches
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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 20:27:24 -0700
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I wonder if the "third party mechanical analysis to determine ACTUAL wind 
ratings" might be flawed? The "Triex" LM470 was actually built by several 
different manufacturers.  When the change was made from the manufacturer 
selling it under the name of Triex, the next manufacturer (Paragon Mfg. LLC) 
the name of the tower was called Sky 470.  The sales outlet was handled by 
First Call Communications. This change was made around about 2000.  First 
call sent out literature which included old brochures
using the LM470 name.  One brochure states that "as of January 2000, the 
LM470E was redesigned  and updated to handle the larger antennas sold 
today...use only 60,000 KSI yield tubing on legs."

Paragon only lasted about one year and was sold to a midwestern company who 
I understand wasn't happy about the design or something and quickly sold it 
to Tashjian.
Tashjian was the PE for the strength anlysis for Triex, Paragon, and now 

>From the refurbishing info that you posted, I suspect that the tower may be 
pretty old and used a lower strength steel--hence my questioning of the 
recent analysis without being able to actually determine what steel strenth 
was used.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex LM470 Limit Switches

> Thanks to all that have posted and sent to me directly photos and 
> information.
> What I can conclude is that there are SEVERAL variations of the LM-470 
> tower.
> The base I ordered from Tashian didn't fit and that is a story of its own.
> The photos that people have sent show differences in the assembly of the 
> lower section.
> The tower I have is even different from all of those in photos sent to 
> me..
> After reviewing photos and drawings its clear that my bottom limit switch 
> could have never been mounted to this particular tower.
> The upper switch fits as it should based on supplied photos.
> I could not tell you the tens of hours I have into refurbishing this 
> tower. Third party mechanical analysis to determine ACTUAL wind ratings,
> cold galvanizing surfaces, removing rust for all hardware, making cables 
> and re-stringing, seeking information on and mounting limit switches,
> motor control box wiring, replacing molex connectors, freeing a stuck 
> bearing, and I fear, in the last step, a bad motor and gear box.
> I plan to do a write up on this when finished and will post a link to the 
> list.
> Thanks again to all that provided me with information, photos, and 
> drawings
> Larry K5XG
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