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Re: [TowerTalk] Tower/Antenna Party

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower/Antenna Party
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 04:08:32 -0400
List-post: <">> wrote:
> I know some of you will be contesting this weekend, but just wanted to  
> invite you all to help put up some towers/antennas THIS SATURDAY,  
> October 31.
Ahhh...Don, have you been following the weather?
30G50 for tonight and tomorrow with the wind and flooding advisories 
going until late in the day.

<sigh> Unfortunately the boom to mast clamp has come off my tribander so 
it is just laying on top of the tower between the mast and two C-clamps 
on the top of the tower.  Absolutely noting to keep it from tipping off 
to the front or back. As I said, it's jut laying across the flat top of 
the tower.  I may have to go up there in the wind tomorrow.  BTW, I've 
found several man lifts that work in the 500# range.  With a couple of 
exceptions they all run about $1,200 a day or week end plus gas and that 
price does figure in the delivery charge of $25 each way (locally)  I 
think I'm just going to have to use the good old fashioned climbing 
> We will begin at 10 AM, and should be done early enough for the  
> HotDogs and Beer/Drinks to taste great after the stuff is up.
Bet ya don't...Hope you can.
> Please let me know if you're coming, so there will be enough  
> food/drink for all.
I don't get up till around 2:00 and then need to go to the airport. Work 
to do in the hangar.  I'm installing a winch at the back of the hangar 
to pull the plane back in.  It has a long cable and control so I can 
steer with the hand tow bar and control the winch from the business end, 
but no holes in the hangar of floor.  It's getting expensive though. The 
engine is close to a major, the main RNAV radio is giving up and the AI 
is dying.

You're about a mile North of the what 2-meter simplex 
frequency do you monitor just in case I might go "over"? <:-))  Don't 
see any airports close by though.
It'd be late in the day after the turbulence dies down and the ceiling 
lifts a bit.

OTOH if the winds die down a bit I "have" to get up mine to remove that 
antenna (if it's still there in the morning). That and if it comes down 
I'll probably have to replace all the guys.


Roger (K8RI)
> QTH is easily found on ... it will bring you to my driveway.
> To put up:
> 1 - 56' tower with mast and pulleys for wire antennas .. need a GIN  
> POLE if you have one.  Have a second one of these, but NO  
> bolts/nuts/washers for assembly, so only one will be going up.
> 2 - 64' insulated towers [80m verticals] ... they just pull to  
> vertical and get bolted in place.
> 1 - 60' tower with 3el 30m, 5el 17m, and 5el 12m yagis.  Will be  
> pulled up with my vehicle.
> 1 - 40' TV tower with A3S and 2m vertical on it.
> All coax/rotor cable/etc. will be complete before you get here.
> Hope to hear from some of you.
> Thanks in advance.
> Don Havlicek, N8DE
> 1897 E. Edgar Rd.
> Edmore, MI  48829
> home:  989-427-5577
> cell:  765-967-2272
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