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To: Wilson Lamb <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [SPAM] Tower Question
From: Kevin Normoyle <>
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2009 09:06:25 -0800
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By tiltup do you mean a full sized tower? I may have misunderstood the 
question, but:

No, I'm talking about the typical 21' compressed crankup, (1400 lbs in 
this case), lying horizontal, with two bolts at one end for a hinge, 
being tilted up, by a cable attached to it somewhere, with the cable 
going over some ginpole or raising fixture at some height, then to a 
pulling device. If it's a compound pulley situation, it doesn't change 
the force at the tower attach point, so that doesn't matter.

The only reason the question caught my eye, is because I use a homemade 
gin pole/winch setup, guyed (side and back) with single pull line, for 
tilting up my crankups. Have done 3 different installs of HG-70HD which 
is similar weight, and a WT-51. I worked out the numbers in my case 
because I wanted to know how tall a gin pole I needed, for the 
relatively lightweight winch I was using for the single line pull. I 
wanted to keep forces low in the system. Including compression of the 
gin pole.

I don't have a lifting fixture.

Note that I said I don't understand the pull in this case.

A worser case pull would be just attaching the cable to the tower, and 
the other end to the tractor at around 3' and pulling. You can imagine 
that's like having a 3' high gin pole, and the initial forces are even 
more than I said. I suppose that situation might work if you raised the 
end of the tower a couple of feet somehow, before you pulled with the 
tractor, but you'd have to work out the forces to be confident.


Wilson Lamb wrote:
> Your answer seems to be talking about a tiltup, not a crankup??
> Wilson


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