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To: Wilson Lamb <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Question
From: Bill Winkis <>
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 08:10:23 -0500
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The LM-70 is a crank up/tilt over type tower ./.. There is a motor 
system that will run the tower up and down with a positive function both 
ways, this is fine....
But when the tower is nested you  can tilt  the entire 24 foot nested 
tower from vertical to horizontal for antenna repairs etc  ...

Right now the tilt over function is controlled by a friction brake 1500 
pound Fulton crank. I want to replace the Fulton winch with a electric 
winch/hoist  -

I have to change out some wires on a 4 element 5 band quad that is on 
the tower right now so there will be a lot of jockeying with the tilt 
over system thus a motor system would be so nice on the poor ole bod!!!!!

You can see all this at the bottom of



Wilson Lamb wrote:
> Your answer seems to be talking about a tiltup, not a crankup??
> Wilson
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