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Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 15:31:25 -0500
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I've seen mention of design spreadsheets.
Can someone point me to them?
Most of the tower bases I see, especially in the case of guyed towers, seem 
way oversize and I'd like to work through a few designs on my own.  I'd 
especially like to estimate actual guyline reactions vs windspeed.

I'd also like to investigate Rohn 25 design with a house bracket and one set 
of guys.  That is, with a bracket at X feet, how much 25 can I have above 
it, with guys at the top?  The Rohn examples all have about 30' between guy 
elevations, but of course they don't say just why.  It must be buckling 
resistance, but it's the same for all tower heights and windspeeds, so I 
think there's some wiggleroom somewhere.  I'd like 40-50' above my bracket.

The few times I've been in handling 25, it has seemed very strong, 
tolerating lifting and lowering froom single points midway on a 50' tower, 

I don't want to take wild chances, but might want to go a little beyond the 
official recommendations, which have to have lots of CYA built in.

Rohn sent a nice email, but they won't touch any design advice beyond the 
catalog, as far as I can tell.



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