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To: Bill K2OWR <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Gin pole
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 19:43:57 -0500
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Bill K2OWR wrote:
> :::: I will be using the single clamp type gin pole fixture sold by 
> the guy on ebay all the time for $140. I used this type for many years 
> and find that the dual clamp arrangement, while likely to be stronger, 
> was not needed and only added to the complexity of moving the whole 
> system as I add sections to the tower. I also used only 12' of pole, 
> but more would be nice.
> I'll check out the place in Utah, but shipping stuff 12' long is real 
> expensive. This is why w9iix breaks it down to two six footers, but 
> then he goes and charges the high shipping cost anyway....go figure.
> As to using the steel fence pipe, no way. First the weight is very 
> difficult to handle and stresses the tower legs too much, plus the 
> fixture demands 2" OD, so that's out.
Other than the weight, there is little difference and the pole is only 
about 30# which isn't all that difficult to handle even for a guy my age.

OTOH I always use a two clamp fixture as that eliminates much of the 
bending moment at the tower leg.
Also with the two clamp method I find it much easier to move the pole up 
the tower.  Just loosen the top clamp on the mast and disconnect from 
the tower leg. Slide it up the mast to the next position and clamp to 
the tower leg, but not the mast.  Then go down to the bottom clamp, 
leave attached to the mast and disconnect from the tower leg. Push the 
mast up to the proper position for the next lift and clamp to the tower 
leg, then tighten the top mount onto the mast.  That leaves the pole 
attached to the tower at all times.
> As I said b4, I used 12' of 2"OD .125 wall 6061 for years on many 
> towers and had no problems.
> So where's the one I used to have?
> In my haste in moving from NJ it somehow got "lost" with a friend who 
> can't/won't even look for it. I guess it's hard to find.
> Funny thing is, here in my area in TN, the crane guy only wants $250 
> to "hang" my little 80' Rohn 25, but when he asked me "how do I unhook 
> it once it's up" I decided he may not be the real deal :-)
Sounds legit.  He wants to know who's going to unhook the thing from the 
crane. He won't be doing that as he's running the thing.   He stands the 
thing up with guys attached to the tower,  Some one hooks up the guys 
and then goes up the tower to unhook the crane. (Done it many times) You 
can also use a "remote release" where you just give a good tug on the 
rope, but that carries the risk of getting caught on the way up with a 
... premature release which is kinda hard on towers and antennas. Tends 
to scare the ground crew as well.

In "the old days" we used to ride up with the load.  It's amazing how 
many of us survived.


Roger (K8RI)
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> Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 18:11
> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Gin pole
>> Tek Supp wrote:
>>> I bought my pullies (bottom and top) and the clamps from this guy 
>>> and although they are home made, they work fine so far - I've used 
>>> them about 5 times and I'm pleased, but I reserve to the right to 
>>> complain in the future   ;-).  But for the tubing I went to a local 
>>> shop called "Affiliated Metals" (801) 363-1711.  A 20' 6061 T6 (2" 
>>> OD x .125W 1.750 ID x 240") with tax was 48.08 this summer.  It's in 
>>> SLC, UT and I have no idea about shipping.  But perhaps you can call 
>>> them and find out.  I then cut it down to 14' so I could have enough 
>>> spacing/supported area for the tower clamps to the gin pole, but I 
>>> didn't feel I needed the full 20'.  I can't say that this helped 
>>> you, but it's at least another avenue to pursue.
>> I use 20' of 1 1/2" galvanized steel fence tubing.  with a  16" 
>> swivel arm at the top so it can lower masting or tower sections in 
>> line with the tower.  It lifts 45G sections with no noticeable 
>> flexing. OTOH if there is some side force it will spring without 
>> bending.  I've lifted well over 150# with it with very little 
>> deflection. I use a pulley on top, the lifting pulley is floating on 
>> the rope, and the end of the rope ties off at the end of the offset 
>> arm making heavy lifts relatively easy.
>> The only drawback of an all steel gin pole? The thing is "heavy"!.
>> I understand the quality of this material may vary.  The place where 
>> I get it (only about a 4 mile drive) has  always had suitable material.
>> 73
>> Roger (K8RI)
>>> Also suggested by w9iix, I also decide to buy a 20' of 1/4 wall for 
>>> heavier pulls.  I haven't used it yet, but it was a lot more (and I 
>>> can't find my invoice right now for the pricing).  The .125 (1/8") 
>>> wall can flex, so be aware of that if you are lifting anything 
>>> heavy.  I was dismantling a 25G top section with rotor and mast and 
>>> it flexed/bent toward the load a good foot.  But I can state that 
>>> the 20' 1/4" wall is quite a bit heavier and you don't want to be 
>>> playing around with it up on the tower much.
>>> Thanks
>>> John
>>> K7ALA
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>>>> To:
>>>> Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 16:34:03 -0500
>>>> Subject: [TowerTalk] Gin pole
>>>> :::: Anyone know where I can get a suitable 2" OD .125 wall 6061 
>>>> piece of aluminum tubing, 12' long to use for a gin pole?
>>>> It needs to be within 100 miles of Knoxville TN so I can pick it 
>>>> up. I'm aware that sells one in two pieces so it can be 
>>>> shipped, but then he asks a ridiculous $200 for it, plus shipping.
>>>> I already know this can be had at various tubing supply places for 
>>>> about $65, but they want $125 to ship it anywhere.
>>>> Any suggestions appreciated.
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