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Re: [TowerTalk] 80m Inverted L or 40m vertical

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 80m Inverted L or 40m vertical
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Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 12:04:57 -0600
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You might find a partial answer in L. B. Cebik's article on the "All Band 
Center-Fed Inverted L". Although it's on the Antennex website, registration 
is easy and free. This article describes many configuration variations and 
discusses the (modeled) effects of these variations on patterns for several 

Chuck, N4NM

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 80m Inverted L or 40m vertical

> Well...I have room for ONE more antenna...right now I have a Inverted V 
> for 75M...and a homebrew 20m vertical. I was wanting something that would 
> perform well for 80/40m DX. Thought about one of those 43' verts...but 
> have pretty much decided to spend the money on wire since I am surrounded 
> by trees on three sides. I was thinking an inverted L with plenty of 
> radials. The issue is...I can only get the vertical section up about 
> 30'...So...I'm a little torn between the 43' vert...a 40m vertical and the 
> 80m inverted L. I would really like to work more DX on 80m than my V 
> allows me to, but also want a good DX killer on 40m. So...will the L work 
> well on 40m for DX as a 40m 1/4 wave vert? Will the angle of radiation be 
> as low on the L as with the monoband vert? I guess my main question 
> is...will I be giving up much in the way of trying to get a good DX 
> antenna on 40m while trying to be selfish and get a good DX antenna on 80m 
> at the same time?


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