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The most important question for you is: What kind of a ground system do you 

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Sorry guys,

This message got sent out again from an email address which has been 
inactive for 6 months.  The address has been disabled since I 
moved 6 months ago and has not sent out a single email.  I guess last night 
it decided to come back to life and send out emails.  What is really weird 
is that I subscribed to this site under my present email address and not 
that one.  So I don't have a clue how my old email address even got a hold 
of this message, much less sent it out.  I'm getting too old to try and 
figure this stuff out, hi.

Anyway, while I have your attention (maybe)  I have the Hy Tower up with the 
MK-160.  The swr on 160 dips at about 2.0 swr.  Is that about as low as I 
can expect?  Also, as an interesting side note, I have about a 1.5 on 17 
meters without the 17 meter add on.  Also, about a 1.4 on 6 meters.  The swr 
on 80 is lowest at 4.00 MHZ and is dipping in that direction indicating that 
my resonant frequency is above 4.00 Mhz.  Can I just lengthen the top main 
vertical section to bring the 80 meter frequency down without affecting the 
other band's swr?  I would like to have a good swr on 3.795, but it is 
currently above 3.0.   Also, is it possible to add a homebrew coil at the 
base to widen the 80 meter band to the CW portion in colaboration to having 
the MK-160 on the tower simultaneously?  Is there a way to build the coil in 
a manner that would allow 1500 watts rather than the 300 watts that is 
offered by the Hy Gain coil (the LC-160W)?
 I think that once I get everything t uned up it will be a good system.




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> Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 10:41:52 -0600
> Subject: [TowerTalk] Hy Tower
> Hello all,
> I recently moved and finally have some land in west Tx to play with 
> antennas. I am about finished putting up the Hy Tower 18HT. I am going to 
> put up another one 66 feet away and co-phase them. Does anyone have 
> experience doing this? The manual has info on doing it with different 
> lenghts of 50 ohm cable and 72 ohm cable to have either end fire or 
> broadside radiational pattern availability. Does someone sell the 
> switching system already constructed? I am mainly looking at 40 and 80 for 
> this as I have the TH-11 for the other bands. I also bought the MK-160. 
> Thanks for any help on this.
> Brad
> W5BK

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