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[TowerTalk] quad or delta loop beams

Subject: [TowerTalk] quad or delta loop beams
From: Felipe Ceglia - PY1NB <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 19:59:48 -0200
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Hi Folks,

I am planning to make a fixed quad or delta loop beam, hang by a top string
 for 20m. I have a 20m space for the "boom". I believe I could have 
something from 4 to 6 elements in this space.

I came across several web pages that offer javascript calculators, all 
giving the same results, which doesnt seem to be very good on eznec.

Probably I will go with the triangle form, as it will be easyer to 
assemble. In my head, seems ok to get a quad and transform it into a 
triangle shaped antenna. (hope this is ok, hihi)

Can you point me any quad/loop beams theory or recipes?

73 tu,

Felipe - PY1NB

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