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The common,  practice over the years, has been for multi-band verticals, 
radial length is determined by the lowest operating frequency. In other 
words if you're going to operate on 160m then the radials need to be at 
least 127ft. If your lowest freq is 80m then your radials need to be a 
minimum of 67ft. You don't really need any more ground rods but you do need 
more radials. It has been my experience you can never get enough radials 
under a hy-tower, but you should try to get at least 50.
Array Solutions makes a wide variety of switching/phasing systems for 
verticals. I know a lot guys who are using the Array Solutions swear by 
them. I have always built my own mainly because of the challenge of getting 
it all to work.
before you put up your second hy-tower contact Array Solutions to see what 
the spacing should be for their systems.....
Good Luck your fun is just beginning.....

Everyone in the world is
entitled to be burdened
by my opinion

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So far I have 3  8 foot copper ground rods and 16 50 to 60 foot 14 gauge 
radials.  I plan to put down at least 16 more radials.  Should I put down 3 
more ground rods also?  The soil is west Texas sand.

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> The most important question for you is: What kind of a ground system do 
> you
> have.?.?.?.?.
> Everyone in the world is
> entitled to be burdened
> by my opinion
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> Sorry guys,
> This message got sent out again from an email address which has been
> inactive for 6 months. The address has been disabled since I
> moved 6 months ago and has not sent out a single email. I guess last night
> it decided to come back to life and send out emails. What is really weird
> is that I subscribed to this site under my present email address and not
> that one. So I don't have a clue how my old email address even got a hold
> of this message, much less sent it out. I'm getting too old to try and
> figure this stuff out, hi.
> Anyway, while I have your attention (maybe) I have the Hy Tower up with 
> the
> MK-160. The swr on 160 dips at about 2.0 swr. Is that about as low as I
> can expect? Also, as an interesting side note, I have about a 1.5 on 17
> meters without the 17 meter add on. Also, about a 1.4 on 6 meters. The swr
> on 80 is lowest at 4.00 MHZ and is dipping in that direction indicating 
> that
> my resonant frequency is above 4.00 Mhz. Can I just lengthen the top main
> vertical section to bring the 80 meter frequency down without affecting 
> the
> other band's swr? I would like to have a good swr on 3.795, but it is
> currently above 3.0. Also, is it possible to add a homebrew coil at the
> base to widen the 80 meter band to the CW portion in colaboration to 
> having
> the MK-160 on the tower simultaneously? Is there a way to build the coil 
> in
> a manner that would allow 1500 watts rather than the 300 watts that is
> offered by the Hy Gain coil (the LC-160W)?
> I think that once I get everything t uned up it will be a good system.
> Thanks,
> Brad
> W5BK
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> >
> > Hello all,
> > I recently moved and finally have some land in west Tx to play with
> > antennas. I am about finished putting up the Hy Tower 18HT. I am going 
> > to
> > put up another one 66 feet away and co-phase them. Does anyone have
> > experience doing this? The manual has info on doing it with different
> > lenghts of 50 ohm cable and 72 ohm cable to have either end fire or
> > broadside radiational pattern availability. Does someone sell the
> > switching system already constructed? I am mainly looking at 40 and 80 
> > for
> > this as I have the TH-11 for the other bands. I also bought the MK-160.
> > Thanks for any help on this.
> >
> > Brad
> > W5BK
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