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Subject: [TowerTalk] 3M Scotcast resin
From: John Hensley <>
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 15:03:23 +0000
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3M makes a two part resin casting kit for splicing cables together.  
Whiletailored for round cable, it works well with anything.  I've remade 
rubbermallet heads, made custom feet for heavy amplifiers or power supplies,as 
well as used it for its intended purpose.  The resin is called ScotchcastBrand 
2130 and usually comes in a brown cardboard field kit.  For equipmentor outside 
use its designed for direct burial and is rated for 1KV to 5KVdepending upon 
how much copper you are potting.
I repair audio and video snakes and also submersible sonar cables in myspare 
time and use this resin often.  Done correctly, the joint is strongerthan the 
cabling.  Cure time is a couple of hours before handling, 24 hoursfor full 
strength.  The 82-F1 kit handles cable from .25" to .80" and the82-F2 kit can 
do larger cables in the .8" to 1.2" range.  There are many kitswith many 
different mold configurations such as Y's and breakouts.
You can Google for instructions, examples, how to use, etc. and you shouldfind 
plenty of information on it.  3M used to sell a 3 1/2 oz. A/B portapack butI 
don't know if they still have this.  I do mostly 1/2" cables and use the 7 oz. 
A/B pack which leaves me 2 oz or so extra which I take and finish off on 
somepersonal repair or custom mold.  
Anyway, something to keep in mind.  I put a few things up on my web foryou to 
see.  A "typical" data sheet is at:
Pictures of an actual mold pour and kit are:
Best wishes for the holidays,
John W5JV                                         
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