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[TowerTalk] Half sloper recommedations needed

Subject: [TowerTalk] Half sloper recommedations needed
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 16:27:57 EST
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Hi Guys-
I'd appreciate your recommendations on building a Half Sloper for  160-m.  
I realize that some folk have had excellent results with Half  Slopers and 
others have had terrible results with them!  That's why I'm  asking for 
advise on how to construct my Half Sloper!
Question 1: Most antenna articles say when constructing an Inv. Vee is  to 
keep the minimum angle between wires at 90 degrees or greater.  Since  Half 
Slopers almost never have a 90 degree angle between the sloper wire and the  
tower is this one reason why many Half Slopers don't work very well... lots 
 of signal cancellation?
Question 2: I have a 90' tower with a Tribander on top which makes it very  
close to a 1/4 wave for 160-m.  I installed an Inverted L on this  tower 
with 85' vertical and the Inv. L radiating efficiency is very  poor due to 
heavy coupling between the Inverted L and the  tower.  (some models say that 
alot of RF is shorted right to  ground!)  Therefore, I am thinking of going 
with a Half Sloper  connected near the top of the 90' tower with the sloper 
wire running  NE towards Europe.  If I anchor the end of the sloper wire about 
200' from  the tower the angle is only going to be about 45 degrees.  Do 
you think  this will work any better towards Europe than my heavily coupled 
and inefficient  Inv. L?  (another weakness with my Inv. L is that I have a 
minimal  radial system as it must be pulled up each Spring).
Question 3: Rather than build the Half Sloper on the 90' tower  would an 
Inv. L on my 60' tower with 55' vertical and the rest horizontal  running NE 
towards Europe likely outperform the Half Sloper at 90' towards  Europe... 
keeping in mind that this is a temporary antenna so I can only  put down a 
minimal radial system as the radials need to be removed  in Spring.  
I realize that I'm likely to get a variety of opinions on this and that is  
fine!  Please let me know which of the above options you believe  is most 
likely to provide the best 160-m. signal towards Europe.
Happy New Year!
Dick- K9OM
Edgewater, Florida

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