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Re: [TowerTalk] Half sloper recommedations needed

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Half sloper recommedations needed
From: David Gilbert <>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 14:53:55 -0700
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Answer 1:  Likely so, although with a half sloper the tower and 
everything connected to it becomes part of a complex radiating system so 
it's pretty much a crap shoot what the interactions are.

Answer 2:  Very difficult to say.  See Answer #1 above.

Answer 3.  Possibly.  If the tower is short enough not to be close to 
resonant, you might end up with a merely short Inverted-L with less 
destructive interaction.

Suggestion 1:  Why not shunt feed your 90' tower?  I'd bet it would 
knock the socks off any sloper or Inverted-L hung from that same tower, 
and it isn't any more difficult to build.

Dave   AB7E wrote:
> Hi Guys-
> I'd appreciate your recommendations on building a Half Sloper for  160-m.  
> I realize that some folk have had excellent results with Half  Slopers and 
> others have had terrible results with them!  That's why I'm  asking for 
> advise on how to construct my Half Sloper!
> Question 1: Most antenna articles say when constructing an Inv. Vee is  to 
> keep the minimum angle between wires at 90 degrees or greater.  Since  Half 
> Slopers almost never have a 90 degree angle between the sloper wire and the  
> tower is this one reason why many Half Slopers don't work very well... lots 
>  of signal cancellation?
> Question 2: I have a 90' tower with a Tribander on top which makes it very  
> close to a 1/4 wave for 160-m.  I installed an Inverted L on this  tower 
> with 85' vertical and the Inv. L radiating efficiency is very  poor due to 
> heavy coupling between the Inverted L and the  tower.  (some models say that 
> alot of RF is shorted right to  ground!)  Therefore, I am thinking of going 
> with a Half Sloper  connected near the top of the 90' tower with the sloper 
> wire running  NE towards Europe.  If I anchor the end of the sloper wire 
> about 
> 200' from  the tower the angle is only going to be about 45 degrees.  Do 
> you think  this will work any better towards Europe than my heavily coupled 
> and inefficient  Inv. L?  (another weakness with my Inv. L is that I have a 
> minimal  radial system as it must be pulled up each Spring).
> Question 3: Rather than build the Half Sloper on the 90' tower  would an 
> Inv. L on my 60' tower with 55' vertical and the rest horizontal  running NE 
> towards Europe likely outperform the Half Sloper at 90' towards  Europe... 
> keeping in mind that this is a temporary antenna so I can only  put down a 
> minimal radial system as the radials need to be removed  in Spring.  
> I realize that I'm likely to get a variety of opinions on this and that is  
> fine!  Please let me know which of the above options you believe  is most 
> likely to provide the best 160-m. signal towards Europe.
> Happy New Year!
> 73,
> Dick- K9OM
> Edgewater, Florida
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