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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Feeding a Delta Loop
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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 16:13:38 -0600
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hey Bill, well my antenna is not an equi-lateral tri-angle with all 3 sides 
being equal. The right angle corner is at the top of the tower with the 
short leg going down to the house and the other longer leg out in the 
field.... the longest side is the hypotenuse which is next to the ground.. 
about 8 ft!. Originally I cut it to the loop formula which was about 546 ft 
total length...I had to pull it out horizontally to get it to fit which 
tilted it about 20 degrees from the vertical. This  resonated down around 
1.2 KHZ so I shortened it considerably to bring the resonate point back up 
to 1.84. The swr showed about 4:1 at this point so I just inserted a 4:1 
balun at the corner nearest the house and voila... pretty flat from 1.8 to 
1.9 and it ran circles around the inverted V at 110 ft ! The first 4:1 balun 
came off an old KLM beam and went up in smoke  so I had WX0B make me a heavy 
duty one and no problems.  I have been using this ever since! I have no idea 
what this would model out... I simply was playing around and hit on this 
combo! Hope this helps! Cort K4WI 


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