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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Feeding a Delta Loop
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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 20:35:25 -0200
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Hello Bill,

I have a 108 ft tower and have a 160 mts delta loop from top of the tower.

You can do a delta loop where the sides are shorter than the bottom, as
described in ON4UN book 4th edition page 10.6 "compressed delta loop" used
by Bill W4ZV.

But really I not found to have it 100%.

I have a sloper pointing to north (0 degrees) and the delta lop is pointing
to Europe (45 degrees) but I hear to Europe better with the sloper than the
delta loop, and really this is not what I expect for the delta loop.


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I am interested in your antenna.  I have a 120 foot tower and an inverted
vee for 160 at about 100 feet in the center. I wonder if that delta loop
would give me better performance? Every time I do the math, (160 M X 3 feet
/meter = 480 feet/3 gives me 160 feet on a side and it doesn't seem to fit.
How did you get it to fit. Do you have some kind of a coil to shorten it up
in the legs?

Bill W5VX

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Stu I tried just to reply to you but everything I tried ended up here.... 
but here is my experience... I have a full wave delta loop for 160 hung off 
at the 90 ft level of one of my towers.. sort of a tri-angle with the long 
side at the bottom about 8 ft off the ground. The whole antenna is tilted 
about 20 degrees from vertical and I feed it at the near low corner with a 
4:1 balun... works like a killer and has great bandwidth. Bandwidth is about

100 kHz for 2 to 1 points and works great for transmit DX but not the best 
receive antenna in the world. My 2 cents... Cort K4WI 


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