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I have a friend who used to have hawks and take them hunting. I remember him

saying to be sure to wear a hat of some sort to cover your hair, or the hawk

might mistake your hair for a small animal and attack your head visciously! 
He said when attacking rabbits, a hawk will drive its beak through the back 
of the rabbits skull and along with its talons, tear the daylights out of 
the rabbit.
I would imagine one could inflict some serious damage to your head,  while 
you are trying to defend yourself hanging on a tower.   Normally they won't 
attack people, but wear a hat of some sort, not the watch cap type, to hide 
your hair.

73 Buddy WB4M

[BQF] This is VERY good advice! At an FOC dinner in Orlando, I walked out
onto the roof of the Holiday Inn to put up a temporary antenna, bare headed
and was immediately attacked by a red-tail hawk who tried to lock his talons
in my head. Drew a little blood, but no major damage. 'Course that was back
when I had hair!

Tom - W4BQF


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