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[TowerTalk] XM-240 Shorty-Forty: X-Hat Modification

Subject: [TowerTalk] XM-240 Shorty-Forty: X-Hat Modification
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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 22:16:07 EST
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Hi Doung & all,
In my original post, I stated that some of my "X-Hat rods were falling  
off" so I'd like to lengthen the element and eliminate the X-Hat rods.  
A better description would have been I've had some "X-Hat  rods breaking 
off".  I had the new XM-240 in the air for less than a  month and one X-Hat 
rod broke in two and fell to the ground.  I dropped the  antenna and replaced 
the broken X-Hat and put the antenna back up.  Within  another month I had 
another broken rod.  Each time the rod broke in the  middle where the hole is 
drilled thru the center casting.  After losing a  single X-Hat rod the 
resonant frequency jumped aprx. 200 khz making the  antenna unusable on the CW 
portion of the band without a tuner.  By the  way, I did use the antenna with 
a tuner on the CW portion of the band and now my  Cushcraft Balun has a 
burn mark on it and it's warped!
I do not know what is causing my X-Hat Rods to break off.  Perhaps the  
rods center casting material was defective.  But more likely it's  the large 
birds landing on my antennas including Ospreys and Owls...  perhaps they are 
flying into the X-Hats? 
So I'd love to eliminate the X-Hat if possible.
Dick- K9OM
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X hat  rods falling off - that is unusual.  I've had my XM240 up for
years  and never have the rods fallen off.  I installed them as per  CC.
So what is causing your rods to fall off or do you mean  breaking off?


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Subject: [TowerTalk] XM-240 Shorty-Forty: X-Hat  Modification

Hi Guys,

I've had problems with the X-Hat Rods  falling off of my XM-240.   
Therefore, I would like to eliminate  the X-Hat by lengthening the
elements.  I'm 
wondering if anyone  has done this successfully and how  much length must
added to  the elements?  

Or if anyone has modeled the removal the XM-240  X-Hat by lengthening the

elements... please share what element lengths  you came up with.


Dick-  K9OM

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