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[TowerTalk] XM-240 hat problem

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Subject: [TowerTalk] XM-240 hat problem
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
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Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 00:22:55 -0800
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Subject: [TowerTalk] XM-240 Shorty-Forty: X-Hat Modification

Hi Guys,
I've had problems with the X-Hat Rods falling off of my XM-240.   
Therefore, I would like to eliminate the X-Hat by lengthening the  elements.  
wondering if anyone has done this successfully and how  much length must be 
added to the elements?  
Or if anyone has modeled the removal the XM-240 X-Hat by lengthening the  
elements... please share what element lengths you came up with.
Dick- K9OM

##  I thought the XM-240 has been out for years now ??     Who else
has this problem ??    I'd be screaming at Cush Craft about now ! 

It's either a recent production /factory assembly problem /material/
bracket problem... OR it's a design flaw.  If it's a design flaw, then
everybody else with a XM-240 is breaking hats off too. 

Out of interest, how far PAST the loading coils.. are these X hats ?? 
And how long are these X hat rods ??  IE:  u have  4 of em on the endS
of each ele, how long is EACH of the 4 x rods ??   Distance  from ele,
to tip of rod.... thinks it's  something like 18-24"  ?? 

later... Jim   VE7RF 


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