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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Measuring Coax Loss
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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 23:14:38 -0500
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> In a message dated 2/12/2010 1:48:14 AM Greenwich Standard Time,  
> writes:
> But, to  the average ham with small
> antennas and small pockets, it just isn't going  to matter.
> Small antennas and small pockets are not the point.  It  doesn't take big 
> pockets to get that 3 dB, nor does it take big antennas.   A little digging 
> around for surplus stuff can get you the three dB.  Check  around for short 
> lengths of 7/8 hardline. 
26-27 years ago I was given a whole spool of 7/8" had line (75 ohm).  
It's good stuff, low loss, and connectors can be made cheaply. It took 
360 some feet (IIRC) of the stuff to get to the tower on top of the 
hill. Two runs. One for the tribander and one for 2-meters.(pair of 14L 
KLMs).  Last night I was checking out the center fed, half wave,sloping 
dipoles.  The 75 meter one is 73 ohms  and X = 18 ohms.  The 40 meter 
one I checked was 46 ohms and X = 20. I just put a new connector on the 
second 40 meter sloper and have not had the chance to check it yet.
>  Many can be had for a fraction  of the cost of 
> 9913.
Or free.  BTW I gave away a bunch (over 1000 feet) of 9913 and threw out 
another 500 to 1000 feet.
>   It takes a little searching, but for guys like you  with small pockets, 
> that 3 dB can be gotten rather cheaply.  
> Lots of 75 ohm hardline is available for free for the resourceful  guys.  
> Being on limited budget doesn't mean you have to have a limited  signal.  
> I am constantly amazed that guys will spend 1K, 2K or more for a  radio and 
> then cheap out on the coax.
Or any other part of the station. But sometimes it comes down to 
priorities. I won't spend $60 for connectors on the LMR-600, but I would 
and have for 7/8" heliax.  OTOH I make sure the less expensive 
connectors are good quality.  I've found stuff that has slipped through 
QC from many reputable, brand name outfits and I've found good quality 
connectors that were relatively inexpensive.


Roger (K8RI)
> 73 Bill KH7XS
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