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Subject: [TowerTalk] Responsive contact at US Towers
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Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:23:25 -0600
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Several have indicated that Gary is a good person to talk to at US Towers,
and that is partly true. I bought two slightly used HDX589-MDPLs that needed
to be installed here in Louisiana. My own experience with Gary was that he
was very helpful up to a point, and that point was where I needed to get
some technical information or direct recommendations, and at that point, I
ran into exactly what everyone on the list (pretty much) agrees is the US
Tower manifesto... They are helpful in selling their products, but then when
you need technical information, all of a sudden they become much less
helpful. We got to the place that Gary simply stopped responding to m emails
and phone calls, and I really was not a pest. I asked for a couple of
recommendations. I was simply trying to get some clarification of wiring
diagrams for the electrical control circuits (my towers are remote
controllable) and some guidance on the procedure for stabilizing the base in
the hole and rebar cage before we poured concrete. I got some guidance from
others on this list, and simply did it the way that made the most sense to
me (I had done 6 or 7 towers in the past, so it was not new to me). 


US Towers makes great towers, but their customer service policy is simply
bizarre in my experience. 




            Gary     W5FI 





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