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I use "flag" type zip lock ties, as I call them. They have about a 3/8" x
3/4" "flag" to write on using a permanent fine tipped black marker. There is
generally enough room to print the antenna name or band that the coax feeds.
I also use them to note the length of a piece of coax, rotator cable, or
other cable that is in my junk box.

You can get them from: 100 come in a pack for about $3.
Search/look for "zip ties". They are white, so they probably would not last
very long outside.

They also have a lot of other neat computer accessories. You can ask to get
on their catalog list. It comes about 4 times a year.


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Pete Smith wrote:
> I use what you describe as simple mapping, Tony.  I also use similar 
> coding for control cable wiring (numerical order = color code order).

The other scheme is to use P-touch labels with big letters (1/4" high works
nicely on RG-213 (.405" od) coax) and put a piece of clear heatshrink over
it to hold it in place.

Color codes are great as long as you remember what the codes mean, and they
make sense to others.  For a Field Day sort of operation, I'd go for actual
text, so people don't have to remember whether the color codes are the band
numbers, or the sequence from 160 (e.g. 160=1, 80=2, 60 = 3, etc.)

If you have multiple antennas or things in the same band, then the color
code starts to get complex. Unless you go to a straight serial number
sequence;so if you have a rats nest of cables, at least you know that the
cable labeled 35 on one end corresponds to the 35 on the other end.

I think there are weatherproof P-touch type labels available now, too.

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