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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 16:25:07 -0500
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You just have to realize you are dealing with a pack of A'Holes and act 
They, as usual, know nothing and have no common sense or judgement.  We have 
let them get in charge of our lives because no one fights them.  They can 
obstruct anything, and do, but NEVER contribute anything positive of any 

A bright eight year old would see that with TWO brackets NO overturning 
moment can get to the base, unless the tower pulls the house over of course.
The vertical load of 30' and a tribander could be carried by a piece of wood 
on top of the ground!  The Rohn base would be great just sitting on dirt. 
Show them 18" square by a foot deep and see what they say.  Of course your 
three pipes in the concrete would be fine too.  Truth is, two well installed 
brackets would hold that rig up with NO base.  I think Rohn even sells a 
bracket with vertical diagonals going down, precisely to install a tower on 
the side of a building.  I've seen them somewhere.

How do you know you need their approval?
Are you in a "town", have neighborhood covenants, or what?
What if you made a nice drawing and submitted it?
If they want to reject it, they should have some grounds
You DO have mfg spec's, at least drawings, on the brackets, in the catalog.
And there is a table of bracket layouts in the catalog, although it may not 
go as low as 30'.
You may have trouble because Rohn does not approve ANY self supported height 
of 25G.  they want support on the top section.

Maybe one of the consultants on this group will sell you a stamped design 
reasonably?  If your drawing is stamped, the AHs can't reject it without a 
lot of grief.

I had a 30' 25G in Houston, with one bracket at about 15', survived several 
hurricanes up to about 60 mi/hr.  My base was an old cut off section in a 
one foot hole with two whole bags of Sakrete.  I climbed it many times and 
it ws fine.  Neat thing was, I could reach the beam from the peak of my 
roof, never took it down until I left.
Keep us posted,

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> I want to erect a Rohn 25G tower,  30 ft above ground. A small  3  el
> tribander on it.  I have to satisfy my county engineers as to the  safety 
> of the
> tower installation. It will also be bracketed to the house in two
> directions.
> Problem is, I cannot really go 3 ft by 3 ft, by 4 ft deep for a
> hole/concrete.  The tower is too close to my house. Rohn makes a 
> concrete/baseplate,
> that sits in concrete, the legs of the tower slip over  that.  Would that 
> be
> of any use to me, rather than bury 3 ft of tower in  concrete?
> What is the minimum size hole I can dig, considering it is only 30 ft 
> tall,
> and has a tribander  (CushCraft A3) on top.
> Right now, the tower sits on 3-- 3/4 inch pipes  buried 3 ft deep,,, 
> tower
> slips over those, they are simply pounded into the hard AZ ground. Then
> bracketed to the house in two directions. It  is solid as a rock, but... 
> not
> sure that would satisfy the "engineers". One thing they want to make sure
> of, is that it wont fall off your property, mine wont, by a long shot.
> I need some  "expert advice".  They ask for Mfgr specs, I cant  find any
> for a 30 ft tower,  bracketed.
> Help.
> Bob wa7dxz  DM33
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