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[TowerTalk] Hi Tony Re: Heights tower question

Subject: [TowerTalk] Hi Tony Re: Heights tower question
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Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:12:28 EST
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Hi Tony,
I have a Heights 88' self-supporting tower and love it.  It's very  well m
ade and very durable for Aluminum.  It is MUCH higher quality than  the 
Univeral Aluminum tower I had previously.
I did not purchase the tilt-over option but I now plan to do so.   Lowering 
the tower without the Heights Fold Over Kit and Electric Motor is a  bear- 
much more difficult and time consuming than I ever expected.  But  with the 
Fold Over Kit I'm sure it's a breeze!  
I believe you would be very happy with a 48' Heights tower and the Heights  
Electric Fold Over Kit!  I'd like to lower the height of my 88' tower down  
to 64' or 72' 
to make it even stronger but I can't unless I remove an Oak tree.  By  the 
way, my tower has the 35" base and I highly recommend getting the Heavy-Duty 
 version if you can afford it as even the Heavy-Duty version has alot of 
flexing  in it due to the qualities of Aluminum.
Dick- K9OM/4
Edgewater, Florida
In a message dated 2/24/2010 3:59:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

Hello  fellow hams. Im trying to determine the most effective and least 
maintenance  way to go about planning a tower installation. Keep in mind the 
tower will  only hold a small 20 meter mono band and a 4 element 2 meter beam 
above.Total  weight of both maybe 44 pounds.The hazer looks great but to 
many moving parts  and maintenance same with a telescopic tower. Im looking for 
something i would  not have to climb. I discovered a nice looking heights 
48' free standing  tower.It incorporates a 1" worm screw. I see nothing that 
would errode or  deteriorate. Look like for the most part quite solid and 
permanent.Everything  can be done on the ground as well as one man putting it 
together with no help.  Any experience or advice would be apreciated.
tony  k2vi

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