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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 18:05:46 -0800
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On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 15:34:15 -0500, Kurt Cathcart, KR2C wrote:

>Does anybody have any opinions on RFC400.  It's touted as an equivalent to 

Touted is the right word. 

Who makes the cable? What are its published specifications? At a minimum, 
you should be able to find the following information on the website of the 
mfr, the mfr should be clearly identified, AND printed on the cable. The 
REAL cable mfrs --  Belden, Commscope, Andrew, and Times (LMR) publish this 
all of this info on their websites.  

Construction of center conductor (i.e., diameter, material, 
solid or stranded, CCS or copper coated Al) 

Construction of shield (i.e., copper braid, tinned copper braid, 
copper plus Al, etc.) 

DC resistance of center conductor 

DC resistance of shield

Dielectric material

Jacket material 


Velocity factor


Attenuation at 1 MHz, 10 MHz, 30 MHZ, 50 MHz



Jim Brown K9YC


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