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Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 08:21:53 -0800
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Charles Coldwell wrote:
> On the subject of cables ...
> I have a very nice coaxial stripper for RG-6/59 that you basically
> clothespin onto the jacket, spin around the cable a few times and it
> cuts the jacket, braid and dielectric just so for the corresponding F
> connectors.
> I wonder if any similar stripper exists for RG-214/U and UHF or N connectors?
Yes.  Paladin, among others, makes them.  You can get fixed 
configuration: one specific kind of coax and spacing/depth of cuts; or 
you can get an adjustable one.  Most of the cable companies like L-com 
have them, Newark and Allied do too.  Range in price from $15 to $80, 
depending on physical size, adjustability, and quality of the blades.

Basically, they are specified by how many cuts (blades), what the 
spacing and depth of the cuts are.  You can email or call the mfr with 
your cable type and connector part #, and they'll tell you which model 
does the right cuts.

I'd never take on a big cabling job without one. a few connectors, I'm 
willing to use the razor blade and steel rule, but if it's more than a 
half dozen or so, I'll set up the adjustable cassette (I have a CST 
Vario) and life is easy. Clamp it on, spin it around, pull it off, slide 
on crimp connector, crimp, done.

I will say that the CST vario (and I suspect all of these) don't do 
RG-174 and small coax well. I think you're stuck with the ruler/razor 
blade or a bench mount rotary stripper for those.


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