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Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 11:04:50 -0500
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HA!  Yes!  Phone number for batteries.  I used to give them THEIR phone
number when they asked for it.  Many never caught it.

Certainly cell phones pay.  They get that repeat cash every time a person
they sign up pays their bill......  Cha-Ching!  

But tis okay.  I replaced "The Shack" for most things long ago and pretty
much only go in there for the emergency capacitor or resistor that I
"thought" I had.....  "Someplace".  :)

It's just a shame because I would love to take my 13 year old to Radio Shack
of old and let him look at all the electronics kits that they used to sell.
That's how I got interested.  


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On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 10:22 AM, Robert West
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> They should have changed the name to "Cell Phone Shack" since
> that's what they seem to only be interested in selling you.

Quoting the Wall Street Journal article dated Feb 22, 2010:
"RadioShack Corp.'s (RSH) fourth-quarter earnings surged 26% as the
retailer's stronger emphasis on cellphones resonated with consumers."
So it seems like it's working for them.

> In the 70's I spent much of my time in and out of Radio Shack and the
> managers always knew their stuff and would go out of their way to educate.
> Now the roles have reversed where we have to explain to them what solder
> does.

I think the problem is that electronics hobbyists do not make up a
large enough market for a retailer with ~5,000 stores.  To me, selling
cell phones already seems like a crowded marketplace, so if "The
Shack" are making sales it is probably at the expense of other
retailers.  That means they have to be cheaper, and that means they
have to hire know-nothings.

Unfortunately, they own the trademark "Radio Shack", and I would say
that they have tainted the meaning of those words.  Now the first
thing that comes to mind when you hear "Radio Shack" is having to give
them your telephone number just to buy batteries.

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