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[TowerTalk] OR-2800 motor.. DC vs AC ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] OR-2800 motor.. DC vs AC ?
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
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Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 04:47:42 -0800
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I have 2 of these  OR-2800  rotor's.  The original one has the AC motor, and 
has never been used. 
The 2nd one I bought used, and am 99%  sure it has the DC motor in it. 

I Dunno if the 2 x mating controller's  are  interchangeable or not ?    I like 
the pulse width modulated 
motor control feature.. you can slow it right down to a crawl.   If the 2 x 
controller's  are not interchangeable,
I'm sure the green heron controller  will handle either the DC or AC motor ?  

The idea here was I only require one rotor on the new tower, and the  2nd 
OR-2800  was to be a spare.

Has anybody compared the torque of the AC  vs  DC  version ??     Is it worth 
having M2  retrofitting 
the DC  motor into my older AC version ?   One thing I don't like is the very 
short 'pigtails'  coming out 
of the rotor itself.   They should have made em longer.. like 10' at least.  
Then splice them at a junction
box, [ which I see they now have].  The original twist locking splice was a 
dead loss. 

The new water proof junction box  would make for any trbl shooting, a lot 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

later.. Jim   VE7RF

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