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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 19:33:26 +0000 (UTC)
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The earlier Orion rotator's had AC motors which is what I have (RC2800P-A). The 
rotator has limit switches at each end of the rotation range which will 
interrupt the drive voltage whether or not you release the control switch. I 
don't think it is possible to "toast" one. Msquare units now have dc motors 
which are an improvement. The ac motors work fine, but are a little more 
vulnearable to noise which can cause it to continue rotating after you release 
the control. I bought mine used about 6 years ago and it does this about twice 
per year. Immediately turning off the power switch will interrupt this 
erroneous operation, and then you can re-check position calibration. Re-setting 
the calibration is very simple. 

I believe I just read another email about someone who had a mast securing bolt 
shear off. Orion/Msquare specifically recommends that you do not secure the 
mast to the rotator clamp with a bolt. High torque produced by a wind gust 
could destroy the rotator drive gears and ruin you rotator. 

John Owens -  N7TK 


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