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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 14:50:29 -0600
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Yep, the hum is because it doesn't know the words... yuk, yuk.  Actually
your memory is correct, you have bad starting capacitors in the control
units.  As I recall, it is about a 6-8 mfd. non-polarized 50-volt cap.  I
think it is marked so it should be easy to find the value.  You have two
options, hunt down a low voltage starting cap from one of the rotor repair
"doctors" or just go to the local electrical motor supplier and get one
rated for 117-volt AC use.  It can be a little lower in capacitance as the
higher voltage rating will usually read a higher cap value at lower voltage.
Luckily, modern starting caps are much smaller than vintage caps so room
shouldn't be a problem (carry the old one with you just in case!).
If the controller has a large ratcheting pointer dial, it is probably an
AR-22 which is fine for small VHF/UHF antennas.

73 de Perry - K4PWO

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rotor questions

I purchased a box with some "radio junk" on a auction for a few $$ some  
time ago. It contained a bunch of CB radios but on the bottom I fount two  
antenna rotors with control boxes.
Today I decided to make the "keep-or-through" test of the units. One  
already had a cable between the box and the rotor which made things easier.
light under the control knob and a humming noise from the rotator was the
 result. Connecting the second unit like the first, 1 -> 1, 2 -> 2 etc gave 
 the same smoke test result.
The rotator is manufactured by CDE (Cornell Dubilier Electronics) according 
 to a label under one of the control boxes. The model number is XL-1 and 
there  are a number of rotators it can be used with such as AR-10-XL,
The rotators have bell shaped bodies and have a "TRA-4" marking underneath. 
Any advice? They had stickers with $100 written on them. Is it worth  
fixing? Where do I start? I remember vaguely reading something, a long time
about a capacitor that can have dried out.
Hans - N2JFS

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