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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rotor cable protection
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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 06:24:40 -0800
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Pete Smith wrote:
> I can unplug rotator and antenna switching control cables a lot of times 
> for the cost of those polyphasers.  I think people also tend to forget 
> that they need to be part of a whole installation that is without weak 
> links.  In my case, with a second floor shack in an old house, I knew 
> going in that I could not get a good low-inductance earth ground, so I 
> decided to get used to unplugging everything - 4 coax cables, 4 control 
> cables - whenever the station isn't in use and there is any risk of 
> lightning.  The only damage in the house, in 14 years and with one major 
> direct hit, came from induced voltage on a wired Ethernet network (which 
> we then replaced with wireless).

There are also less expensive (and UL listed, to boot) protection units 
available these days.  With the increased prevalence of remote 
control/monitoring, ethernet, etc. the commercial market has lots of 
transient protection devices out there.  I haven't looked in a few 
months, but the last time I checked, an 8 line protector for 24VDC 
control signals was in the $50 range.. nice weathertight box with cable 
gland entries, etc.

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