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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Beacon interference
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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:20:52 -0500
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Robb Urie wrote:
> Dave,
> Navaid "TV" is a high powered NDB located near your location.  The official 
> designation is an LOM which is a combined NDB and ILS outer marker, hence 
> the two letter morse code ID verses a nornal 3 letter for a stand alone NDB. 
> The NDB operates on 365 kHz at 300 watts, most likely into a small top hat 
> antenna or small mono pole.  The outer marker operates on 75 MHz and keys a 
> 400 Hz tone without identification.  Both are likely monitored at the air 
> traffic control tower, but depending on the model, the monitor may be a 
> simple RF level indicator.  Generally any pilot reports of a missing signal 
> or ID issues will be relayed to the servicing FAA maintenance shop.  Unless 
> there is an instance of some type of RF rectification occuring with the NDB 
> antenna or supporting structure, I would look somewhere else.
That NDB is the LOM for ILS 28 at Traverse City and is 6.6 miles off the 
approach end of the runway
Don't expect it to be there for much longer. Nearly all NDB/LOM's are 
slated for decommissioning and in the end only GPS will remain.  The 
link is a bit outdated and the goal has been changed several times since 
the following .  
In it they say the NDBs will not be decommissioned, but that's since 
changed and back then they were still planning on LORAN as a backup. 
It's a bit narrow sighted as although GPS is the most accurate system to 
come along it's also vulnerable and needs a ground based backup.  I know 
some new NDBs have been recently commissioned, but the stated goal is to 
get rid of them all and the shut down of VORs will begin soon unless 
they change direction "again". Enhanced LORAN was to be the backup for 
GPS but that was shut down last month. So a lot of us have expensive 
paper weights in the panels.


Roger (K8RI)
> You can find the information for this site at and enter the 
> ID when prompted.  This will give you the Lat/Long and other data that my 
> help.  If you
> determine that the problem is coming from that site, drop me a email and I 
> will contact the FAA SSC that maintains it.
> Good luck
> Robb NØRU
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