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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Uses of MFJ 259B
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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 20:10:35 -0400
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The MFJ 259 has measures many functions.
It measures just about all transmission line equation parameters and the 
alterations caused by loads - antennas.
Here's its parameter list and how to move to them.
In normal mode you have the starting parameters:
Impedance Frequency, R, X SWR
Press mode and the screen displays
coax loss
For each additional mode tap of the mode switch it measures
Coax Loss
Frequency Counter
and back to R,X,SWR,f.
Simultaneously press the mode and gate switches for a few seconds.
This enters you into the Advanced Mode.
Each tap of the mode switch offers:
Return Loss Coefficient
Distance to fault
Resonance mode tune
Match efficiency
Z Magnitude and angle
One finds this by pressing the buttons and see what occurs or
Goggle MFJ 259 manual and you'll find sources of the manual. I believe 
downloadable manuals.
Have fun,
John, K2SFS

---- Kostas Stamatis <> wrote:
> I have an analyzer mfj259. I am very happy with it but i think that i have
> not searched all of its features. For example, i recently learnt that i can
> use it to find coax loss. I know that maybe it was in manual but i had
> questions until i read here for the procedure and beside this i found that
> it is quite accurate (this is useful notice also). Beside this i found that
> many of us, who are lucky owners of 259, didn't know it also. So i would
> like to suggest here to make a list with uses of 259 and procedures also.
> Anoyone knows a relative site?
> Example
> 1) swr measure
> procedure: no need
> Accuracy: very good
> 2) Measure of coax loss
> procedure: connect the coax to 259. Keep the other side unshorted. Press the
> mode and measure.
> Accuracy: very good (2nd decimal point)
> 3)...
> Any more suggestions?
> Kostas SV1DPI
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