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Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:54:43 EDT
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I know people have run these on AC, but I have seen photo's that appear to  
show damage to
the commutator when run on AC, I have six of these PP motors and have  
always run them on DC.
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I have a small PP. Comments embedded below

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> What is the maximum DC voltage used  successfully/recommended for
> one of the "small"  PPM's ?

I  am running mine with a 24 volt battery charger transformer with a variac
on  it.
The running voltage is about 15-18 VAC.

>  What speed  was accomplished

Mine goes stop to stop in about 30-40 seconds.  Depending on outside temp.
I crank the variac up a little in the winter  when the rotor grease is
cold and down in the summer time.

> and  how
> was the brush life at that voltage ?

Unknown. I have had it  for about 45 years and the original brushes are 
I don't  know how long the previous owner used it.

> I 'm building a  power supply to put at the base of the tower and
> can change the  voltage from about 30 to 48 volts in 6 volt steps.
> Cable to PPM will  be 100 feet of 3-#12's. I'm figuring about 0.5
> ohms and about a ten  amp demand  i.e. a 5 volt drop.

Mine will run full speed at 24  volts DC. At that voltage it will go stop to
stop in about 20  seconds.
Way too fast for the TH6 and a 14 element 2m beam. It takes about  50 
with a 12VDC power supply.

I use #12 Romex, However I  have the rotor mounted 4 ft up from the tower
base, so the voltage drop is  not an issue for me.
and use a drive shaft (Mast) up to the top of the 50  ft tower. The power
supply is mounted in a WX proof box about 2 ft from the  rotor.
I have AC power coming from my Well house about 25 ft away. The  rotor is
controlled by remote using 12 vdc relays in the antenna box. I  also have 
antenna coax switching inside the tower box. The tower box is  about 110 ft
from the operating desk. All my wiring/coax is underground in  PVC pipes.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The PP  was designed for 28 volts. I originally had the rotor at the top in 
previous QTH with about 75 ft of #12 wiring. It ran fine with about 20  
AC. I used # 12 220v Romex. All three wires are the same size in the  220
cables. Whereas the 120v Romex may have a smaller ground wire.

I  would suggest you mount the rotor and then play with the power  supply
voltages until you get it at the right speed. This will be easy to  do since
you are mounting the power supply near the base of the  tower.

73's  Jim - W5IFP

> Thanks,
> Gene / W2LU
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