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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 13:27:27 -0400
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 An other useful function is to find out what capacitor is needed for resonance 
with a coil (in hand). You set the 259 (or 269, what I have) in capacitor mode, 
connect the coil to it and get a reading that tells the capacitance. If you 
want to know the resonance at, say 7 MHz you set the frequency at 7 MHz, 
connect the coil and read the needed capacitor. Simple and need no calculations.

Hans - N2JFS




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> I found that it compares favorably with a capacitance/inductance meter if
> the MFJ is use in that manor.

I don't have another meter, but I use  my MFJ-259B to measure inductances
and capacitances and I find that it works well and compares favorably with
calculated values of inductance and labeled values of capacitance.

Inductance and capacitance measurement is probably the thing that I use mine
for most, when I'm building matching networks, etc.

It doesn't work well to measure large or tiny reactances.  In fact, I think
I've heard you'll get the *best* results if the reactance is something in
the vicinity of 50 ohms.

What I usually do in practice is do a quick frequency sweep looking for any
weirdness.  There's usually a band of frequencies where the meter will
report a value of inductance or capacitance that changes very little with
frequency, and that's what I look for.

I think that range happens when the reactance is not too big or small.


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