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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 12:31:02 +0000
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 how do I check out the unit to know if its 
> > still good?
> > 

You take a power supply that puts out 800-1000 volts, put a very large resistor 
in series with a microampmeter, and attach it to the output coax connector (the 
antenna side).  There is a gas tube inside from this point to ground.  It is an 
open circuit until the breakdown voltage is reached.  So as you crank up the 
voltage and watch the ampmeter suddenly it will go from zero current to a value 
limited by the resistor.  A kw polyphasor will begin drawing current in the 
600-800 volt range.  
If it is blown it will never draw any current.

I didn't look up the model number of your unit to see if it is a 2 kw or a low 
power unit.  The high power one breaks down as I indicated above and the low 
power one probably in the 300 volt area (give or take a couple hundred volts !)

Rick  K2XT
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