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Re: [TowerTalk] M2 OR2800PDC question

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] M2 OR2800PDC question
From: Les Kalmus <>
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 15:26:47 -0400
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In my case, the problem was a bad limit switch but the others are 
correct. Damage to the reed switch is usually the cause of this problem.
I also had problems with the shaft splines which had been damaged due to 
the clamp fixture not being properly bolted down to the shaft.
This can also cause the symptoms you mention. The shaft is designed to 
have vertical play and was not held as high as it should be and the 
large gear on it drags against the lever that hits the limit switches. 
It damaged the switches in my unit.

I rebuilt my rotator about a year ago when I replaced the limit 
switches. It was perhaps the dirtiest job I have ever done.
My system had been worked on by persons unknown previous to my getting 
it from the guy who installed my tower.

My advice to you is be prepared for a really dirty job with plenty of 
rags and paper towels.
Have a way to solvent clean the gear train as you remove it.
Take pictures of every step as you take the unit apart and as you clean 
it. You will need them to check as you reassemble.
Clean out all the old grease and repack the gears and bearings with 
lithium grease. I bought the exact type M2 recommended but I think there 
are probably better lithium greases you can get from McMaster Carr.

When you have it apart, check the motor mountings. My motor mount 
bracket was missing screws and was not bolted down at the end away from 
the gears, causing lots of unnecessary play.
Check the thrust bearing around the shaft on the top of the unit. You 
should make sure it's clean and lubricated before you reassemble.
Use a thin film of grease to water seal the joint between the upper and 
lower halves of the casing and the metal plate that goes between them.



73, Les W2LK

Ed Stallman wrote:
> Hello gentlemen , has anyone experienced this ?
> The problem I'm having with my M2 rotor is it comes to an abrupt stop 
> were ever it likes !  If I'm setting at 180 degrees and hold the CCW 
> button to set to turn to 30 degrees , any were in between it will 
> stop, never stopping in the same place twice.  holding the CCW button 
> again to get to the 30 degree position , nothing happens it will not 
> turn CCW at this point. It will turn CW but again it's going to stop 
> who knows where.
> I have called M2 and the man I spoke with seams to think that the 
> limit switch may have fallen and possibly a gear is hitting the limit switch.
> The first pretty day I will bring the rotor down.
> I have not been inside the M2 rotor before and would like to know 
> what to watch out for , can someone pass along some helpful tips please.
> I'm sure this is something I can repair my self , I've repaired my 
> 1984 Tailtwister a couple of time .
> Thanks Ed N5DG
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