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Re: [TowerTalk] Starting at square 1 - Looking at TX or HDX 38' self-sup

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Starting at square 1 - Looking at TX or HDX 38' self-supporting tower + Steppir 3El Beam
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 22:07:47 -0400
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     This is one of my favorite questions to answer on TT.  The best 
compilation of tower-related practice was created by N1LO: .  Steve K7LXC also recently published 
a book on tower practices.  Check out his web pages: .

     As for other self-supporting towers to consider, take a look at the 
Trylon Titan series.  You can find a full description on Steve's site.  I 
built (literally from the ground up) a T-500 in 2001.  The max height 
available with this model is 72 feet.  It's a true medium-duty tower; I 
suggest you check out the full loading capability of whatever tower you 
select vs the antenna loads you intend to install on it.  You can also 
select Trylon's T-600 series - it's a bit beefier but the maximum height is 
64 feet (one section less than the T-500 series.)

     Pouring all the concrete at one time is a good idea.  The mixer truck 
will mess up your yard only once.

GL es 73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Starting at square 1 - Looking at TX or HDX 38' 
self-supporting tower + Steppir 3El Beam

> New guy on the block......
> Some Background: The last time a I had a tower was in the early 70's in 
> Penna, where I had a 40' Rohn 25G(?) tower, attached to the side of my 2 
> story house at the 20' point. Never poured a lick of concrete and it 
> supported a TA-34 and 11 El  2M beam.
> Now it's almost 40 years later and I'm looking to put up a self-supporting 
> tower (thinking 38' but may go for 55' TX or HDX series...other 
> suggestions??). I still have both antennas (and both work!!), but I'm 
> looking to upgrade to a Steppir 3El beam. Will still put up the trusty 
> Cushcraft 11 El 2M beam as well. Also, I have a HAM-M rotor from the same 
> "dark ages" (it works too, just fired it up last month), but I suspect it 
> may not be suitable (need to dig up some specs on it). Will likely have an 
> 80 meter antenna hanging off of it as well.
> Where this best place to get a primer and details on:
> Sizing the tower to handle the load (I have the info from Steppir's page
> All the "prep work" for the base forms, concrete type, "tips/tricks"
> All the "legal (permits, etc) stuff to raise the tower. (I'm in a 
> subdivision and the good news is that there are a couple hams nearby with 
> towers so I hope I can use "precedence" to allow another tower to go up.My 
> lot is approx 60 x 120, so not a lot of space to work with
> All utilities are underground (made that a requirement when we moved to 
> Austin in 1985)
> Pros/cons ($$s) of motorized raising option for the tower.
> Any other gotchas I need to be looking out for.......
> One the the deals with the XYL is that we build a work shed in the back 
> yard as well. Thought I might get some advantages out of it and have all 
> the concrete poured at one time for example
> In addition to the tower info, comments on the Steppir and other antennas 
> welcome as well!!
> tnx es 73
> Bruce -W3NJ
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