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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 09:21:23 -0700
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Hi All:
Yesterday I pulled all my cables out of the 4 inch underground pipe (100 
ft) out to the tower after suspecting the critters had gotten to some of 
the cable (shows me the importance of plugging up the pipe!).  Actually 
found a dead critter along with several chewed up cables.  So, I must 
replace the hf and vhf lines as well as the switching/rotor cables.

My question is:  in order to minimize the cables twisting together, do I 
pull one cable at a time or all together?  The local guru's say to pull 
them together all at once.  Somehow I feel the one at a time would 
minimize the "twisting together".  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Tnx and 73
Jerry France
Lake Havasu City,AZ

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