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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 11:11:11 -0700
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As Dennis says below this is the way to do it, I would also pull an extra
length of coax through, in a year's time you may have another project or an
experiment you may want to try.  As noted below pulling another coax or wire
through is a real pain with the added friction and it will do just what you
do not want it to, and that is twist itself around the other cables.  Been
and done that a few times and learned my lesson.

Mike, K6BR

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Hey, Jerry,

Electricians - who do this all the time  - ALWAYS pull them together when
they can. This avoids the ADDED friction of each new cable against all the
other cables in the conduit.

You can roll all the cables out, forming a long, untwisted bundle, and
aligning it with the conduit. Tape the pull rope connection to the bundle to
form a smooth arrow-head-like transition, so it won't hang up on a coupling
(NO LUMPS). If the connectors are already installed, stagger them so no
large lumps are formed. Be sure that no tension in pulling is applied to
your connectors by taping the cables to each other near the ends before a
final tape wrap over the entire transition.

Then, keep the bundle aligned with the conduit as you pull cables through (a
second person can help here).  Use "yellow Stuff" lubricant (or equal) along
the entire bundle if you have any doubts about friction. And,
simultaneously, pull another "haul line" with the wires, just in case. Leave
it in the conduit. Force a couple of Brillo pads around the cables at each
end to keep vermin out. 


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>Hi All:
>Yesterday I pulled all my cables out of the 4 inch underground pipe (100 
>ft) out to the tower after suspecting the critters had gotten to some of 
>the cable (shows me the importance of plugging up the pipe!).  Actually 
>found a dead critter along with several chewed up cables.  So, I must 
>replace the hf and vhf lines as well as the switching/rotor cables.
>My question is:  in order to minimize the cables twisting together, do I 
>pull one cable at a time or all together?  The local guru's say to pull 
>them together all at once.  Somehow I feel the one at a time would 
>minimize the "twisting together".  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
>Tnx and 73
>Jerry France
>Lake Havasu City,AZ
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