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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Homebrew Crank-up
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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 22:28:24 -0700
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Gene Fuller wrote:
> So far Stan has received lots of questions and comments on everythig except 
> the questions he originally asked.......
I thought I was focusing on the right thing. Worry about the moment once 
it's up. Design everything around that. I think it's wrong to start 
thinking about 55g and building out. You want a "thing" that you trust 
as much as a ground connection for the 55g.

For instance, how would you weld to 55g and be confident? I would think 
you'd want to just think of building a raise-able foundation for 
freestanding 55g. Build it with steel rods the 55g slides on to. You'd 
want pretty nice steel.

But then it's all about just building a cage that slides up the lower 
section. You can copy any crankup for clearance and and those little 
rail cups at the top.
But once you got your foundation in the sky, you just attach your 55g to 
it like you would at ground level for freestanding.

Can you build a cage that transfers moment to the lower section? well 
sure, right? They make 100' crankups that do, with the right 
tolerances/gaps and steel or aluminum. Make it out of as big structural 
tubing as you want, since the lower section can take a lot of weight.

I think you have to think of the 55g as the last thing you slide on to 
the cage. Not something you build out from.


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