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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Homebrew Crank-up
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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 01:31:02 -0400
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Stan Stockton wrote:
> Anyone have an ideas regarding rails, rollers, general set-up, etc.
I don't remember where I saw them used but it was not an uncommon use.  
They were pulleys/wheels  that ran on pipe. They were deeply dished so 
the rim reached to the 90 degree point on each side of the pipe. These 
also supported substantial weight as in quite a few tons. I just wish I 
could remember what I saw them being used on. It may have been an 
overhead crane, or possibly cargo unloader...I just don't remember.I 
guess they could be thought of as double sided trolley wheels where each 
one prevents lateral movement.

The wheels could be mounted either on the outside or inside tower with 
the "tube rails" being opposed, but I like this arrangement better than 
rails and rollers in the general sense.

Going beyond that I'm assuming you have worked out whether temporary 
guys will be needed for the base and/or top when extended which might or 
might not extend the amount of wind it could tolerate during the short 
periods of use.

Were it me and it's not, I'd leave at least one full section of the top 
into the base when fully extended and I'd add a locking and bracing 
mechanism that would extend to eliminate any side play of the top 
section in the base while extended. in addition to what ever locks it in 
place, or prevents it from falling back down.
>  that could be used for about 75 feet of 55G or 65G that would telescope into 
> about the same length of larger tower (33 inch face, 3 inch legs), probably 
> using an extra large prop pitch to raise and lower for 48 hours a few times a 
> year dependent on good weather :-) ?
As for the prop pitch motor, some of the older ones properly geared 
certainly could do the job, but regardless of what you use I'd want some 
thing with readily available parts, or a spare unit on hand that could 
easily and quickly be interchanged with the other. One thought is a 
winch like they use on the front of 4 wheelers when "mudding".

Good luck in what ever use you put it.


Roger (K8RI)
> Thanks...Stan, K5GO  
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