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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] findiing aluminum tubing
From: Stan Stockton <>
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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 0:13:06 -0400
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I just logged onto my account at UPS, and it showed the maximum length to be 
108 inches for a shipment.  I was surprised at the cost - not as bad as 

I have no idea how many elements or antennas you are rebuilding, but for 
example, the quote for a 10 pound package that would be 108 x 4 x 4 was $16.24 
from my QTH to yours..  10 pounds would cost $8.24 if the box were instead 2/3 
shorter - 36 x 4 x 4.

If you have a supply of tubing on hand, other possible options would include 
making an electrically identical element with a slightly different taper 
schedule or if only a few elements to be repaired, sleeving two pieces of 5/8 
with a double walled section of 1/2 and 3/8, about a foot long, using pop 
rivets to secure.  

73...Stan, K5GO


---- Joe Barnes <> wrote: 
> I know that I have tried this before here but I still don't have a fix. I 
> need some 5/8 inch o.d aluminum tubing in the 7 1/2 foot lengths range. I 
> cannot find it anywhere in the northeast Florida/southeast Georgia area 
> (which I find hard to believe in the first place). Trying to get it shipped 
> doesn't seem do able because the shipping charges far exceed the cost of the 
> aluminum ( ups wont ship anything over 6 feet long). Does anyone have a 
> suggestion? I want to fix these  Telrex 6m624's to get them in the air before 
> the summer season gets here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Joe N4JBK.
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