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Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 12:12:33 +0100
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>  I remember some years ago how a guy use to drill a hole in the rock and then 
> put a soldering iron (yes). The heat from the iron make cracks in the rocks, 
> cracks big enough to take the rock apart. I never tried it but believe it may 
> work. Worth a try.
> 73 de,
> Hans - N2JFS

For several thousand years man has cracked rock by fire setting.

There is a copper mine here where man was working at -100 feet and 
carbon dating shows circa -4000 years.

The technique was to dig down vertically  to the rock then a dig 
ventilation level , fill with wood, drop burning bracken and heather 
down the shaft and let it go. At some stage the ventilation level was 
sealed and water poured into the hole.

I have seen the enormous fractures created by this technique and have to 
say it compares favourably with the PE we used for cave exploration.

73 de Paul GW8IZR IO73TI

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