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From: Doug Renwick <>
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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 21:12:56 -0600
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It's a complex comparison.  If you are just a cw or low phone or high
phone operator then a TH6DXX would be as good a choice as the TH7.  If
you want complete and satisfactory band coverage then the TH7 would be a
better fit.  I have my TH6DXX set for cw and I use it in the low phone.
Take a look at the Telex/hy-gain TH7DX no. 391S Engineering Report that
compares the two antennas and then decide which is the one for you.


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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Hygain TH-6DX

The dual driven element improves the pattern bandwidth of the TH7 over
TH6.  It doesn't just improve SWR bandwidth.  See page 4-4 of the TH7
manual on the Hy-Gain web site.  You can see how F/B ratio holds
up across the band.

If I have my SteppIR set for CW and listen on phone, and then
I QSY the SteppIR to phone while listening to DX, I can hear
a noticable improvement in readability due to the pattern
improving.  If I tune just the driven element, the SWR
improves, but I don't hear the pattern getting better.
The SteppIR (at a given setting) is likely to be
more broadband than the TH6 due to the latter's traps.
If you only need 10, 15, and 20 meters, the TH7 is almost as good
as the SteppIR at a lower price point.  It makes sense
as a 2nd antenna for SO2R contesting.

Rick N6RK

Gary Schafer wrote:
> Rick,
> Why would the pattern be any worse off resonance on the TH6 than on
> TH7?
> Thanks
> Gary  K4FMX


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